Sunday, July 19, 2020

Be Prepared for Band Camp!

Most importantly, you must follow all the procedures and regulations from my previous post that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review them and follow all of them. With Rookie Camp & VU reporting this week and everyone else the following week, I wanted to put up a post to remind you about "normal" precautions for Band Camp/band practices.

First, make sure you've eaten something healthy during the day before coming to practice. If you don't eat, you will get weak and/or nauseous. Your body is like a car, and food is the fuel. If your car runs out of gas, it stops, same with your body!

Second, even though we practice in the afternoon & early evening, it's going to be HOT. As a reminder, we aren't allowed to provide water buckets and cups, so please remember to bring your own water bottle. You must stay hydrated, and the heat and humidity will pull it out of you before you realize it. Avoid soft drinks with caffeine; drink water, Gatorade, or Powerade.

Third, please dress appropriately. Wear lightweight clothing, including shorts, t-shirts, TENNIS SHOES (no sandals or flip flops), sunglasses and hats. Wear sunscreen if you need it. Wear light colors, because dark colors attract light and make you feel hotter, light colors reflect light and make you feel cooler.

The three rules for Band Camp and every band practice are:
  1. EAT
  2. DRINK
  3. DRESS
We will meet at the practice field behind the school and leave from there at the end of practice, so no one needs to go to the band room this week. The practice field is behind the school on the opposite end from the stadium, beside the new tennis courts (same as last year). Parents who drop off are reminded to wait until your child has been screened before leaving, and asked to be prompt for pick up at the end. Rookies will not need their instrument Tuesday & Wednesday of this week for Rookie Camp, we will be concentrating on marching only. Because Eric won't be able to be with us this year, only percussion rookies will meet this week from 5p-7p, full percussion will not meet this week, but will begin Monday 7/27 with the full band.

While so much is going to be different this year, we'll try our best to do what we always do... MAKE IT WORK!

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